Wednesday, 25 March 2009

tough decisions

In 1993 Jamie Bulger, a three year old little boy was taken from a shopping centre by two 10 year old boys when for a second his mother was not watching. They proceeded to do despicable things to the little boy before throwing him helpless onto a railway line. I, as i'm sure many people will, remember the incident well. How could two ten year olds commit such atrocities on a beautiful, defenceless litttle boy as they did? Now, as adults they are to be released and given new identities and new lives probably in Australia.

They will now be about 26 years old, Jamie would have been 19. The parent part of me says that they should rot in jail and never be let out. The therapist side says that they were only children when the did this and maybe they can be successfully rehabilitated. On the other hand are some people just plain evil and cannot be changed no matter what? The people responsible for releasing them face a heavy burden...if these two should kill again then they will be tormented by their decision forever and will have subjected another family to terrible grief. This is a tough call and one i'm glad i will not have to take.

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