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March Newsletter

How lovely it is to see the first shoots of spring emerging, the days getting longer and a wee bit warmer too maybe it will help to put people in a slightly more positive mood. The changes the World is experiencing at present have seen a change and an increase in the types of problems people are asking for help with, namely anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, motivation and stress. These are problems which are what one would expect to see rises in at times like this. A secondary consequence is an increase in the number of physical complaints relating to pain.

Some interesting details were revealed at the recent Different Minds Conference organized by the Open University psychological Society…Professor Neil Frude, a clinical psychologist from the University of Cardiff, quoting World Health Organization (WHO) statistics said that worldwide mental illness accounts for 28% of years lived with disability and that 5 out of 10 leading causes of disability are psychological.

Now most people don’t think of disability in these terms. Disability for most people is usually thought of in terms of a physical impairment and mental health is often not discussed. It would probably be right to say that mental health issues have often been ‘brushed under the carpet’, and sufferers have often been very reluctant to seek help because of some misplaced belief that they are some how weak or they will be stigmatized and this belief is often still the case, especially with men.

Psychological aspects also increase the number of aches and pains a person can suffer with and an estimated 80% of people who visit a GP with aches and pains are actually clinically depressed. At a rough estimate I would say that 80% or more of back pain is the result of psychological/emotional problems. The new science of psychoneuroimmunology (bit of a mouth full that one!) is now proving the connection between mind and body and how our thoughts and emotions can manifest as physical symptoms.

Depression is a terrible illness it can lead to loss of jobs, marriage breakdowns, ill-health, and sometimes even suicide. Depression can manifest in three main ways: biological, where there is a problem with the brain chemistry, this can be often quickly solved with anti depressant medication. Psychological, largely a result of negative programming often originating in childhood, traumatic events. Social, poor housing, extreme debt, lack of opportunity for work. Most often it is a combination of all three and therefore will require intervention on all three levels. It is no use treating someone with just anti-depressants if they live with a violent partner and/or cannot pay their bills because the cause of their depression is still their and so will continue.

Here are some signs that depression may be a problem
Things they say:
Talking about feelings of sadness or emptiness
Saying they are no good and worthless
Saying they have no interest in anything

Personality Changes:
Trouble making decisions
Not able to concentrate and remember things
Trouble at home, work or school
Not talking, hiding themselves away
Slowed down movement
Irritable, restless, angry
Stopping normal activities like hobbies or interests.
Taking drugs or drinking a lot of alcohol.

Other indicators of depression are an increase in aches and pains such as backache and headaches, problems with weight, either losing a lot or putting a lot on, insomnia, feeling unloved, talking about death or dying or committing suicide.

If you suspect you are someone close is depressed attempt to get them to see their doctor as the first port of call because their GP can if necessary prescribe anti depressants or refer them to a mental health professional. Sometimes you may even need to make the appointment for them as they may just not have the motivation to do so themselves.

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Spring Workshop

In May I will be teaching a remarkable self help technique which you will be able to use on yourself and your family.
This easy to learn, though very powerful technique will astound you in the many ways it can help your everyday life. It has been described as one of the greatest breakthroughs in personal development and healing in the last 100 years. It will be a full day, 6 hours plus one hour lunch and tea breaks and the price is just £75 per person.(For readers of my newsletter only) This will include a Free set of 10 DVD’s and CD’s to take away and study at home plus other materials and includes buffet lunch and tea/coffee etc.

Who would benefit from this course?
Anyone who is interested in self - development.
Any one who wishes to improve their physical and emotional well-being
Anyone who wishes to overcome fears, phobias and limiting beliefs and thoughts.
Anyone who is a Carer, Teacher or Parent
Anyone else who wants to learn how to transform their life.

It would be true to say that after attending this workshop and a few hours of practice on willing volunteers, that you could even start yourself a new highly lucrative career as a therapist. Not only can this workshop transform your life it can also transform the lives of family and friends. You will be able to help them with pain, fears and phobias (great for helping children)confidence, and a whole range of other problems.

Consider that when I present this course to businesses they will pay up to £2000 for the day and you will realise that for just £75 for the day, with everything else you will get, is probably the bargain of the year. The course will take place in Holywell on Saturday 9th May, 2009. From 10.00am until 5pm. I will be officially advertising this workshop soon and the price will be £125, but as a past client /customer of mine you will be able to book your place for just £75 a saving of £50 however you must book before midnight on Tuesday 31st March to receive your discounted price by sending payment of £75 to my paypal account of full details of the course will be posted on my website at very soon or you can email for details right now at

I look forward to seeing you there for what will be a truly remarkable, informative, interesting and maybe life changing day
Have a great month.

Paul Kay
Chester EFT & Hypnotherapy

PS this workshop assumes you have no experience in this area before, it is for complete beginners so you can book with confidence and know that you will be learning these techniques from scratch.

PPS Please remember if you book before March 31st you can save £50 off the normal course fee.

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