Monday, 15 December 2008

Last Thursday night/friday morning I hardly slept a son was not well and my wife and I had both been up and down to see to him and it turned into one of those nights where I just didn't seem to be able to sleep which is unusual for me as it transpires it was the forerunner of being a little under the weather myself for a couple of days.

What amazed me though while I was lying awake, was the tremendous amount of complete and utter rubbish that popped into my head...i'm talking about things i'd seen or heard on T.V. or read absolutely pointless rubbish. Now I don't watch much t.v., very little in fact, so I was surprised and even a little shocked to find all these things coming up from my subconscious.

Imagine all those people who watch tv much more than I do, which it seems is a great percentage of the country...the amount of garbage being dumped in their subconscious.

I certainly don't want it clogging my thoughts up so after a careful analysis of what I watched I decided to cut back my viewing 50% which might sound a lot but considering i don't watch much anyway is not very much in actually hours and minutes and boy does it feel great!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fear 2

it has just occureed to me that I have a wonderful little report about how people are being manipulated. It's a great read and can help to protect you against its negative influence. Anyone who wants a copy just drop me an email to subject: manipulation report and i'll see if I can dig a copy out for you.

Fear - manipulation of the masses

I was discussing today (not for the first time) how people are manipulated into towing the line by Governments etc, and without them even knowing they are being manipulated. It's bad enough that people believe they are actually being given a choice when they 'elect' a government , look at the recent USA elections where the new messiah Obama was elected. Now for the last 18 months he has barely said anything of much interest apart from saying the word change over and over again does anyone really know what he his proposing? Let's face it with the terrible Bush administration in office for 8 years anyone is going to welcome a change.
How much of a choice did they really have when there are just two parties? And it's the same here in the UK we have Labour or Tory, ok we have the Lib Dems but they are really only bit players.

Anyway, the real question was how are billions of people manipulated and controlled by just a few people? The answer is Fear, and always has been. Because they know the dark covert methods of manipulating people's emotions they can make sure that they are paralysed by fear. People who are frightened are much more susceptible to suggestion.
Hitler and his Nazi henchmen were masters at the art of manipulation...they manipulated an entire nation to follow their monstrous ideas.

There is always something to keep us in fear...we had the threat of nuclear war for fifty years , when that threat seemingly disappeared up popped the terrorist threat and now we have the credit crunch. What really gets my goat is that the people who got us into this mess are now the very same people who are supposed to be getting us out of it...are we MAD!!!
Albert Einstein said that "problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." And yet here we are with exactly the same people, with the same thinking, who are going to save us. And the ones we can vote out of office will be replaced by another lot who think exactly the same! and that's just the ones we can vote out there are many we can't. aaaggh!!!

I wonder what will happen if people ever wake up from their mass hypnosis?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Pole Vaulter Uses hypnosis to win gold medal

Positive Hypnosis -
in a second you will read an article about Olympic pole vaulter Steve Hooker who recently took Gold at Beijing. How nice to see a positive article about hypnosis instead of the usual rubbish we have to see and read about!

For example the recent BBC1 episode of New Tricks which portrayed a very sinister picture of hypnosis. I know it was a complete load of old tosh but unfortunately it will again put that little bit of fear in people's minds which may lead to them getting valuable help.

Anyway here's the article about Steve Hooker.

Who would have thought that a big part of becoming an Olympic gold medal pole vaulter would be learning how to conquer your fears? That was exactly the issue for Australian pole vaulter Steve Hooker, the first everAustralian to win gold in the area of pole vaulting. How did Hooker do it? The amazing thing about this story is that Steve Hooker overcame his fears of pole vaulting through hypnotherapy. His sports psychologist used hypnotism and visualization techniques to help him mentally be ready to do what he had to do to win the gold.Back in 2001 Hooker told The Australian Daily that he was contemplating quitting pole vaulting all together. He was throwing tantrums during training, not being able to cope with the mental aspect of the rigorous discipline needed to excel.Hooker said, I was throwing poles, cracking tantrums, I was in a miserable bad mood. Your whole life, it really brings it down when its really what you want to do and you cant do it just because its not clicking in your brain. A lot of peoples careers end with this sort of thing but I just really worked hard. I tried a million different things to try and get around it. It was at this point in his pole vaulting he decided to try hypnotic therapy. It's not like she had me walking around acting like a chicken or anything, It was more getting really relaxed, so your subconscious comes to the forefront, and just having her run through scripts about what things I needed to focus on.I would talk to her at the start of the session and say, I want to talk about lowering the pole vault in my last couple of steps and jumping off the ground. I would tell her the cues I wanted to work on, so she'd work it into the things that she was saying while I was under hypnosis, Hooker explained.The therapy was certainly a success as can be evidenced by his gold medalpole vaulting performance today as Steve Hooker cleared 5.96m to set anOlympic pole vaulting record and grab the gold. The whole competition was mentally and physically the hardest thingI have done in my life. Hooker admitted. So how does Hooker feel about his hypnotherapy? I felt like that kind of stuff was cool. The more you do it themore you realize pole vault is mental. Just having any sort of mental stimulation, where you are thinking deeply about what you're doing,helps. I guess for Steve Hooker success in pole vaulting and gaining the gold was simply a battle of mind over matter

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Have you lived before?

Another part of my job which i love doing are past life regressions (actually I love all parts of my job!) Taking people back to a previous lifetime can give them an incredible insight into their present life, it can also help to clear up stubborn problems which aren't responding to normal methods.

I would like to hear other people's past life stories so if you have had a past life experience either by hypnosis or any other method please drop my a line at

Have a great week


Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Your Life or a new TV?

I was having a chat yesterday with a fellow hypnotherapists and she was most concerned about fees or put another way how much to charge for her services.

Well i don't know the answer. What i do know is that if you don't value your service then no one else will. During my 20 years in practice this has become more and more true.

Many times over the years i have had people come in pleading with me to lower my price for them becuase they were on this or that only for me to find out later that they are taking a cruise or driving a new car.

I said to my colleague "how much can you put on saving someone's life, or their marriage or helping them step out from a life of quiet desperation or saving them from a life of pain,
or a whole bunch of other things we can help with.

If someone who spends £1500 + a year on cigarettes is not willing to spend £250 to stop killing themselves then they can't want to quit that much. You can bet your life if their tv blew up they would find the money to replace it. It's all a question of priorities. The people who want help to change their lives value our service. they appreciate the skill, time and dedication we have put into it (not to mention the considerable cost!).

You're right she said my service is worth much more than i'm asking for it...and bye the way I don't think you charge enough she laughed as she went along the driveway.

Maybe i'm not???

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

a few pics I liked from the weekend

Here are a couple of pictures which I think indicate how blessed I am to have such a beautiful area on my doorstep.

About time I posted again

It's been a long time since I posted on my blog and I can't understand why because I have a whole lot to say.

So much has been happening this last few months, come to think of it so much will be happening in the next few months as well!

Well this last week end I had a bit of a chill out. Yes the Kay family got the tent out and spent 3 days in a lovely spot in Wales with some friends. There is something about camping that i enjoy and I can't quite nail it down yet. I love being around nature so that's one thing, but it's also great to get away from the house for a while, no T.V, no phones, my mobile was off, I suppose there is a part of me that likes to rough it bit. Anyway we had a great time and our children loved it.

Another good thing is that you actually get time to chat more, no household stuff to do like we would at home, so Debbie and I could chat more and we were able to chat with our friends round the campfire over a couple of glasses of wine.

No mention of Hypnotherapy or EFT or anything really to do with our work which means that i was fresh and raring to go on Monday morning. In a world where we are constantly overloaded with information it is nice to just have a day or two off!