Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Your Life or a new TV?

I was having a chat yesterday with a fellow hypnotherapists and she was most concerned about fees or put another way how much to charge for her services.

Well i don't know the answer. What i do know is that if you don't value your service then no one else will. During my 20 years in practice this has become more and more true.

Many times over the years i have had people come in pleading with me to lower my price for them becuase they were on this or that only for me to find out later that they are taking a cruise or driving a new car.

I said to my colleague "how much can you put on saving someone's life, or their marriage or helping them step out from a life of quiet desperation or saving them from a life of pain,
or a whole bunch of other things we can help with.

If someone who spends £1500 + a year on cigarettes is not willing to spend £250 to stop killing themselves then they can't want to quit that much. You can bet your life if their tv blew up they would find the money to replace it. It's all a question of priorities. The people who want help to change their lives value our service. they appreciate the skill, time and dedication we have put into it (not to mention the considerable cost!).

You're right she said my service is worth much more than i'm asking for it...and bye the way I don't think you charge enough she laughed as she went along the driveway.

Maybe i'm not???

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