Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fear - manipulation of the masses

I was discussing today (not for the first time) how people are manipulated into towing the line by Governments etc, and without them even knowing they are being manipulated. It's bad enough that people believe they are actually being given a choice when they 'elect' a government , look at the recent USA elections where the new messiah Obama was elected. Now for the last 18 months he has barely said anything of much interest apart from saying the word change over and over again does anyone really know what he his proposing? Let's face it with the terrible Bush administration in office for 8 years anyone is going to welcome a change.
How much of a choice did they really have when there are just two parties? And it's the same here in the UK we have Labour or Tory, ok we have the Lib Dems but they are really only bit players.

Anyway, the real question was how are billions of people manipulated and controlled by just a few people? The answer is Fear, and always has been. Because they know the dark covert methods of manipulating people's emotions they can make sure that they are paralysed by fear. People who are frightened are much more susceptible to suggestion.
Hitler and his Nazi henchmen were masters at the art of manipulation...they manipulated an entire nation to follow their monstrous ideas.

There is always something to keep us in fear...we had the threat of nuclear war for fifty years , when that threat seemingly disappeared up popped the terrorist threat and now we have the credit crunch. What really gets my goat is that the people who got us into this mess are now the very same people who are supposed to be getting us out of it...are we MAD!!!
Albert Einstein said that "problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." And yet here we are with exactly the same people, with the same thinking, who are going to save us. And the ones we can vote out of office will be replaced by another lot who think exactly the same! and that's just the ones we can vote out there are many we can't. aaaggh!!!

I wonder what will happen if people ever wake up from their mass hypnosis?

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