Monday, 15 December 2008

Last Thursday night/friday morning I hardly slept a son was not well and my wife and I had both been up and down to see to him and it turned into one of those nights where I just didn't seem to be able to sleep which is unusual for me as it transpires it was the forerunner of being a little under the weather myself for a couple of days.

What amazed me though while I was lying awake, was the tremendous amount of complete and utter rubbish that popped into my head...i'm talking about things i'd seen or heard on T.V. or read absolutely pointless rubbish. Now I don't watch much t.v., very little in fact, so I was surprised and even a little shocked to find all these things coming up from my subconscious.

Imagine all those people who watch tv much more than I do, which it seems is a great percentage of the country...the amount of garbage being dumped in their subconscious.

I certainly don't want it clogging my thoughts up so after a careful analysis of what I watched I decided to cut back my viewing 50% which might sound a lot but considering i don't watch much anyway is not very much in actually hours and minutes and boy does it feel great!

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