Monday, 19 January 2009

Paul McKenna on TV

It was good to see Paul Mckenna on the BBC Breakfast news this morning, although he was promoting his new book (thought there was no advertising on the Beeb?) he also gave a quick demonstration of the 'tapping' technique as it has become known.

There are many therapists who do not like Mr M for various reasons maybe it's jealousy or even worse envy but I don't mind the bloke at all. OK he his on the TV to promote himself and his products but I think anything that highlights our profession in a positive light has got to be a good thing and I hope he his on more because the more people who see these things the more likely they are to seek out a professional therapist to help them.

One of our greatest challenges is to educate people about these therapies to make them aware of how we can help...and let's face it we have an awful lot of competition against us from the pharmaceutical lobby who have such massive finacial clout.

So I say rejoice therapy people for we have someone who is flying the flag for us, someone who the media like and people take notice of. We are all capable of delivering the same level of treatment if not better so let's be thankful we have Paul McKenna promoting us.


norm said...

Mckeena has never had an original idea he just nicks everyone else's as far as i can see.

ChesterEFT said...

Well you're entitled to your opinion norm though I think you're being a bit harsh. I'd be interested to know What are you basing your comment on?