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April Newsletter

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Hi again and welcome to April’s newsletter. In this edition we will be looking at a
very simple and easy way to improve your health which requires absolutely no equipment, no gym fees and can be done anywhere. Firstly though, no more bookings are being taken for the Spring seminar advertised in last month’s newsletter, it seems people know an excellent offer when they see one! Fear not though, because if you were thinking you should have booked then there is some good news because I will be running the seminar again at the beginning of June so please email me for details and I’ve also added a new easy payment plan so even more of you can now come.

Take A Deep Breath

Just for a moment notice your breathing…it’s not something most people really give much thought to yet it is of vital importance to our health and well-being. There are three types of breathing…diaphragmatic breathing (from the abdomen) is the most effective; thoracic breathing (mid – chest) and clavicular breathing (upper chest).

Breathing from the diaphragm gets more oxygen into the lungs and so into the bloodstream. So let’s see if we can get you breathing from the diaphragm, by the way babies and toddlers seem to do it naturally but somewhere along the way we stop doing it as we get older.

Right then, make yourself comfortable, now place one hand on to your abdomen, and the other on your chest. Take a breath in…where did you notice the breath? For most people in their chest I’m willing to bet. Ok, now keep your hand on your abdomen and take a deep breath in only this time concentrate on pushing your hand away with your abdomen which should be pushing outwards like inflating a balloon. Ok now just breath out and as you do so allow your abdomen to flatten blowing all the air out. Congratulations you’re breathing from your diaphragm. Practice a few deep breaths now but don’t overdo it because if you are not used to this you can sometimes feel a little giddiness or light headed. So take it easy and build up.

Here’s a breathing exercise which I have used for sometime now, I believe I read it in the Tony Robbins book Unlimited Power. Take a deep breath in and count how long it takes you to fully inhale, then you hold the breath for 4 times the length of the inhale and then exhale for twice as long as the inhale . So say it takes 7 seconds on the inhale you hold the breath for 28 seconds (7x4) and exhale fully for 14 seconds (7x2). Work your way up to 10 cycles of that it gets the blood flowing in the morning and is a great energy booster anytime of day. When I breathe in I imagine a cleansing, refreshing light coming into my body which circulates through me as I hold the breath and when I exhale I imagine all the negative energy being blown out into the universe leaving me feeling cleansed. Get into the habit right now.

Learn an Amazing New Skill

Take this opportunity to learn an invaluable skill which can help you in all areas of your life, personal, work and leisure.

Self Hypnosis Workshop

When You Attend This Workshop You Will learn:

What is Hypnosis, Myths about hypnosis and how it works.
How the Conscious and Subconscious mind works and how you can program your subconscious for success.
How imagination affects you physically.
Why imagination is much more powerful than will power.
How to go into self-hypnosis instantly.
How to formulate effective suggestions.
How to control your emotions instantly by programming a trigger word into your sub conscious mind.
How to create a positive anchor.
How to collapse a negative anchor.
How to us self hypnosis to lose weight, stop smoking, improve confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your job prospects and much more!

You will receive three hours of tuition and in addition you will be given course notes, A professional self -hypnosis CD (worth £15), 3 hypnosis books on CD Rom (worth £15) plus a hypnosis spiral to aid your self-hypnosis practice and an incredible skill which you can use anytime, any place. (We even throw in tea and coffee and may be some biscuits too!) All this for just £40 but readers of my newsletter can save £5 paying just £35 a real bargain! The seminar will be held in the lovely little town of Holywell so book now by sending a deposit of £10 to my paypal account at

If you would prefer to pay by cheque please email me at

Have a great month and look forward to seeing you on one or both of the courses.


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