Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Madeline McCann

Whatever your opinion is, the truth is that none of us have all the facts in this case. The endless speculation that is coming from the media is doing no help for anyone least of all Madeline. If she is still alive then the attention on her parents is being diverted away from the efforts to find her.

I find it difficult to believe that her parents had anything to do with her disappearance in fact I don't think they did at all. Some of the suggestions coming out at the moment are totally unfounded and appear quite ridiculous.

What we do know is that paedophiles rings are extremely well organized and very clever. They also contain many high ranking officials in the Police, Judiciary and Government. Also people of vast wealth who can quite easily cover their tracks and arrange for the finger of suspicion to point elsewhere - that's why they get away with it, plus people just do not suspect such apparently upstanding citizens!

I hope that this little girl is still alive and that she will soon be back with her parents and that this case will help to highlight the hundreds of thousands of children who disappear every year whose plights never get any publictiy at all.

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