Monday, 16 July 2007

I am about to commit heresy!

You see I am not all together convinced that global warming is being caused by human carbon emissions... there i have said it!

"Are you insane Paul, 'everyone' knows we are responsible for global warming the T.V, newspapers, rock stars, government and that nice Al Gore fellow all say it is our fault are you one of those horrible global warming deniers?"

Well let's get one thing absolutely straight pollution is not good and we should do everything we can to reduce it, but if you are asking me if I think it is responsible for global warming then I am not convinced and neither are a lot of other people.

The thing is once something becomes generally accepted, as this theory has, and it is still only a theory, then it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone with an opposing view to get that view heard. Happens all the time and yet there are many well respected scientists who say the theory of carbon emissions being responsible is nonsense. Ever see many of them on TV? No i thought not.

I far better explanation why the temperature of the planet is rising is because the sun is releasing more solar radiation and this can be seen in the corresponding increase in sunspot activity. Some of these explosions are enormous and can be as big as the Earth and even Jupiter.

The increased solar radiation has two main effects on our temperature.
Firstly a hotter sun = a hotter earth which is pretty obvious.
secondly, the increased solar radiation reduces 'cosmic rays' reaching the Earth. It's the interaction between the cosmic rays and water vapour that forms clouds. Fewer clouds means more heat from sun gets through.

Carbon Footprints on Jupiter?

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are also seeing rising temperatures which I am pretty sure is not being caused by carbon dioxide emissions from Earth. These increased temperatures are being caused by solar radiation.

When this was pointed out to a global warming 'expert' he said it was due to these planets being closer to the sun. Ok any one can make a mistake, even 'experts' as I'm sure most school children could tell him that The Earth is closer to the sun the any of those planets.

Interestingly, sunspot activity rose from before the industrial Revolution to 1940 then fell to 1975 before increasing again until now. TV documentaries in 1975 were all about the impending new ice age.

which leads to the question "why has this theory been so readily accepted by nearly everyone?" Well firstly, most people just believe what they hear on the news, not knowing that most 'news' items are not very well researched and are basically press releases given by the 'experts' in government or other groups which are simply regurgitated by the newsreader.

Next everyone keeps repeating the story over and over as if it is an established fact until gradually it becomes accepted. This tactic has been used over and over again throughout history and of course is even easier to do now with the advent of the internet and global TV.

So while obviously it is very important to minimise pollution maybe we are not quite as guilty of causing global warming as we are being lead to believe. it is certainly not necessary to continually raise taxes and give more power away to a centrally located global government.

Well speak to you all again soon providing of course the thought police have not taken me away in irons.

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JC said...

Hi Paul,

The sun isn't actually releasing more solar radiation - solar levels have been relatively level since the 1950's and in fact, have been going very slightly downwards since the 80's.

As for the other planets, note - it's only a few planets out of the 100+ bodies in the solar system that are warming (another sign that it can't be increasing solar radiation that's causing warming). Mars has had massive planet darkening storms over the last 30 years that reduce the planet's albedo (reflectivity) which has a warming effect. Jupiter's "warming" is a regional effect in what is an extremely volatile climate (eg - storms the size of Earth). Ditto for Saturn - the warming observed was a regional phenomena.