Friday, 15 May 2009


There has quite rightly been a huge public outcry regarding MP's expenses or to be more accurate abuse of expenses. Many people have been quire right to point out that should a member of the public cheat on their expenses they would be immediately sacked and that benefit cheats end up in prison. Are we going to see more MP's being sacked? I doubt it given what I heard or didn't hear on Question Time last night. The arrogance of some of them is unbelievable. I listened to a young woman of just 19 on te radio telling how she had lost her job as a waitress. She had been supporting herself since the age of 15 and had now been forced into claiming job seekers allowance of £50 a week which she had to pay run her small flat, pay travel expenses and buy food. She admitted that she had as little as £1 left for food some weeks reaching a high of £5 sometimes! Imagine how she must feel knowing that MP's with a basic salary over £64,000 a year were claiming in one case £800 a month for food. Makes you sick at the gross inequlities in our society.

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