Friday, 6 February 2009

February Newsletter

Greetings and a Happy New Year to You.

I hope you had a very enjoyable festive season and are now enjoying the rather chilly start to 2009.
Of course it’s the time of year when New Year resolutions are made have you made any? Some people want to get fitter, lose weight, stop smoking, get a new job, increase their confidence and a
101 other things. Here is a startling fact…roughly 40% of people will have broken that resolution
in the first week!
Isn’t that amazing…nearly half quit within the first week OK even if we take out those who made their promise on New Years Eve after large consumptions of alcohol, it still leaves an awful lot. What’s even sadder is that by the end of this year 90% or more will not have made a single positive change…and unfortunately that goes on year in year out.

So why? Most start off with good intentions, they want change they know it will change their life so why do they soon quit?
Well one answer could be that we are naturally creatures of habit…we don’t really like change, we prefer to stay in our comfort zone where we feel safe. The conscious mind says “sure it will be nice to change” but the subconscious (which is by far the more powerful) says “ No, let’s stay as we are, we are comfortable like this, we know who we are.” And so we find lots of reasons why we will start tomorrow or next week and before you know it here comes the next year when another unfulfilled resolution is made.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

It really is possible to change your life. Some people will say “I never have any opportunities” or “We never had any money” or or or or…. So what about the people born in ghetto’s who took the decision to get out and change their lives and became millionaires or the people with disabilities who against all odds have achieved great things?
They were inspired to change and it really can be just one single thought that sets them on the road to success. Whatever your life is now it does not have to be that way, it does not have to be the only life you lead.

Take this man, He’s called Randy Gage, I have read his story and listened to his tapes many times. He is an inspirational speaker and motivator. It wasn’t always so…at one time he was sleeping on the floor eating macaroni and cheese out of a can every day and $50,000 in debt. He could only pay his electric bill on the very last day before being cut off and often asked for an extension. He got shot and nearly died. In fact his life was a mess until one day he was reading a book which said that “your thoughts can be an instrument for poverty or prosperity.” And you know what he did…from that moment he completely changed his thoughts is now a multi millionaire, international speaker and much sought after marketing expert.

Then there is TJ and Eileen Rohledger they were virtually penniless yet managed to scrape together $350 to start a business which has now made them over $100million dollars!

Richard Branson was dyslexic and what about Stephen Hawking, Simon Weston and lots of others who have overcome adversity.

All change begins in the mind so why not just change your mind?

Well as we discussed before, we are creatures of habit and it takes a lot of work to break a habit if you use conventional methods which rely a lot on will-power.

Will power is related to the conscious part of the mind and that is not running the show…it is the subconscious and unless you change your sub-conscious programming changing anything is pretty hard.

Fortunately there are some great methods to tap into the subconscious and change that programming, to change the negative beliefs, the blocks to success and write in another program that will help you reach your goal.

The techniques I use such as Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT are the Ferrari’s of the psychological world as opposed to the Ford Fiesta’s of many conventional approaches. The Fiesta may get you where you want to go but with the Ferrari you could be sitting on the beach, drinking cocktails and enjoying the life you want to.

January 20th EFT Tapfest

If you have ever read The Field by Lynn McTaggart or The Intention Experiment (same author; see the books section on then you will be aware of the incredible scientific discoveries being made all over the world by small groups of dedicated scientists into how intention can change the World we live in.

On January 20, I, along with hundreds of thousands of other practitioners and users of EFT took part in the first ever EFT TapFest. This was the day when the new President of the United States was sworn into office and it was thought this would be a great day to do this as his whole message is about change.
So at midday all over the world people set their intention on peace and tapped to release blocks they may have to it and send a flood of positive energy to the World. We look forward to getting millions of people to take part and changing this present reality we are living.

Forthcoming Events

In April I will be holding a ‘Mind Therapy Evening’ which will be focusing on relieving pain and health problems. Volunteers are needed so if you, or someone you know would be prepared to take part in front of the audience then please contact me on 01352 714690.

We do of course also want an audience so come along and enjoy the evening . It will run for two hours and is aimed at showing just how effective these techniques are in helping to relieve pain. You will see humour, tears, joy and a whole new understanding that the life you lead now does not have to be the only life you lead.

If you want to participate, either as a volunteer or you want a seat in the audience please contact me immediately on 01352 714690 or email

Have a great Month.


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